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Surfer and Grapher

Unlocking Global Insights: Introducing Surfer and Grapher


Surfer is a powerful 2D and 3D mapping, modeling, and analysis software used primarily in the geoscience industry. It is developed by Golden Software and is widely used by geologists, environmental scientists, engineers, and researchers to visualize and analyze various types of data, including:

  • Contour maps
  • Surface maps
  • 3D surface models
  • Grid data
  • Point data
  • Vector data

Key features of Surfer include:

  • Contouring and surface mapping: Surfer allows users to create contour maps, surface maps, and 3D surface models from grid or XYZ data. This is useful for visualizing terrain, elevation, geological features, and other spatial data.
  • Grid-based operations: Surfer offers a range of grid-based operations such as interpolation, filtering, smoothing, and resampling to prepare data for visualization and analysis.
  • Data import/export: Surfer supports various data formats for importing and exporting data, including Excel, CSV, ASCII, and GIS formats like Shapefile and GeoTIFF.
  • Analysis tools: Surfer provides tools for analyzing data through statistical calculations, grid math, distance calculations, and more.
  • Customization and presentation: Users can customize maps and plots in Surfer by adjusting colors, symbols, labels, annotations, and scale bars. The software also supports exporting high-quality graphics for presentations and publications.


  1. Grapher is another software developed by Golden Software, focusing on creating 2D and 3D graphs and plots. It is widely used in scientific, engineering, and academic fields for visualizing and analyzing data in a graphical format. Some of the key features of Grapher include:
  • Graph types: Grapher supports various types of graphs including line graphs, scatter plots, bar charts, pie charts, histograms, box plots, polar plots, ternary plots, and more.
  • Data import/export: Similar to Surfer, Grapher allows users to import data from Excel, CSV, ASCII, and other formats, and export graphs in high-quality formats for presentations and reports.
  • Customization: Grapher provides extensive customization options for graph appearance, including axes, labels, colors, symbols, legends, and annotations.
  • Data analysis: Grapher offers statistical and mathematical tools for data analysis such as curve fitting, regression analysis, interpolation, differentiation, integration, and equation solving.
  • 3D graphs: In addition to 2D graphs, Grapher can create 3D surface plots, contour plots, and 3D scatter plots for visualizing multidimensional data.

Both Surfer and Grapher are powerful tools for data visualization and analysis, with Surfer focusing more on spatial data and mapping while Grapher specializes in creating a wide range of graphs and plots.

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